Matt & Gill

OUR Wedding weekend


Almost all of you guys will have travelled from another CONTINENT just to be in Scotland for our wedding day. We wanted to make sure that we could spend quality time with each of you, as well as give you a quality Scottish experience. We’re planning on organising a few activities for those who are keen - just let us know in the RSVP what you’d like to take part in. If you can’t stay the weekend then don’t worry, we’re just thrilled you came for our big day!


5pm onwards

Pizza Party
at Glentruim Estate

We’ve hired a pizza truck to churn out pizzas all evening! It’ll pair beautifully with Matt’s brother Nicky’s home made beer.

We’ll will pick-up non-driving guests at around 5pm from hotels in Newtonmore.




at Glentruim Estate

We’ll cook up something yummy together in the kitchen of the Main House. Anyone is welcome to join or to do their own thing in Newtonmore - we know you might need the lie-in! Just check what places are open with your hotel, since it’s a Sunday.



We’ll go on a fun 2-ish hour hike in the local area. We’ll need to carpool with anyone driving, so hikers let’s set off at 12pm from Glentruim’s lobby and pick up guests in town on the way.


Dalwhinnie tasting tour

Since each tour can only take a maximum of 15 people, we’ve booked two! The first tour sets off at 4pm, and the second tour at 4:15pm. Again, we’ll need to carpool to get there - just a 10 minute drive away from Glentruim.



at Glentruim Estate

We’ll cook up some homemade dinner together in the kitchen of the Main House. Feel free to join or to do your own thing! We can definitely recommend the pub food at The Glen Hotel.