Almost all of you guys will have travelled from another CONTINENT just to be in Scotland for our wedding day. We wanted to make sure that we could spend quality time with each of you, as well as give you a quality Scottish experience. We’re planning on organising a few activities for those who are keen - just let us know in the RSVP what you’d like to take part in. If you can’t stay the weekend then don’t worry, we’re just thrilled you came for our big day!



5pm onwards

Pizza Party
at Glentruim Estate

We’ve hired a pizza truck to churn out pizzas all night! Pairs beautifully with Matt’s brother Nicky’s home made beer.

Location: XXX, Glentruim Estate




Highland walk

2 hour walk in…


Dalwhinnie distillery tour



Fishing with Nicky

Union Wine Co. shares what they’ve learned since becoming a larger business.


Dinner at…

We’ll say our goodbyes with positive vibes by sharing our intentions for the future, not just as small businesses, but as compassionate people.