Matt & Gill

our story

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Now this is the story all about how

My life got flipped, turned upside down

And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there

I'll tell you how I became the matt of a girl called Gillian


2 swipes right

Like all great love stories, we met on a dating app. But it was 2013 and Tinder was still cool. My first line to Gill was “Hi I’m Matt, 24”, then I went on to confuse her with a story about buying 10 kgs of sugar at Tesco.

We met up in Edinburgh, with 2 weeks left on Gill’s visa before she would be kicked out the country. Our third date would be in Thailand.


14 months long-distance


7 addresses

We have stayed in 6 different flats and now a house - Covent Garden & Pimlico in London, two places in Redwood City, San Bruno, and two places in Singapore. Macaroni has stayed with us in five!

Mochi (left) and Macaroni (right)

Mochi (left) and Macaroni (right)

2 silly cats

We adopted Macaroni soon after moving to America. Her previous family had given her the name, and the shelter was happy to hear we were keeping it. She is friendly and lazy and fluffy.

Soon after moving to Singapore, we adopted Mochi. He had been abandoned and found by a train line. It was tricky introducing him to Macaroni - Mochi was a little too playful - but now they are best friends and a great catguy team.


Lots and lots of happy memories

We have shared so many happy moments together.

We both look forward to making some more with you in September!



I spoke to my Dad, and his advice was to prepare some things to say, and to ask her somewhere meaningful to us. I spoke to my Mum, and her advice was how much to spend on the ring.